Berlin Glas, e.V.´s mission is to share the art and skill of making art with glass with the public and provide a resource to artists of all media. The underlying message that working in collaboration with international artists who work with various media doesn’t just broaden someone’s artistic capacity, but actually creates a culture of peace.

A multi-lingual storytelling event inspired by the Ceilidh gatherings in ancient Scotland, set up by Rachel Clarke. Hosts the Syrian Series, where journalists, poets and people from all walks of life told their true life tales from before and after 2011. The stories are told in TANDEM – Arabic-English and Arabic-German.

As part of the project “Multaka: Museum as Meeting Point”, Syrian and Iraqi refugees are being trained as museum guides so that they can then provide guided museum tours for Syrian and Iraqi refugees in their native language. Multaqa also aims to facilitate the interchange of diverse cultural and historical experiences.

A Syrian-Palestinian refugee who fled to Germany was invited to the presidential palace to make tabbouleh with German president Joachim Gauck. 31-year-old Mudar al-Sheikh Ahmad left Aleppo in 2013, and took on cooking in Germany as a hobby which led him to winning best cook in Berlin in 2016.

A three-mile long axis that cuts through a working-class district here has become the place where recent migrants from Syria eat, shop, look for work and learn about their new home. Germans know it as Sonnenallee, or “Sun Avenue,” but to its new residents, the street, which once ended in a checkpoint between East and West Berlin, is “Arab Street.”

Coculture is a non-profit association based in Berlin, Germany, serving as an umbrella organization to initiate and develop artistic and social projects. coculture’s main objective is to address different facets of the challenges faced by displaced cultural producers through a broad scope of projects and activities.

Syrian Music festivals

The Arabic Library is both a lending library and a salon. We want to strengthen intercultural dialogue and be a place for everyone who wants to multiply their knowledge and exchange ideas about literature and music. We lend Arabic-language, German and English-language literature and organize readings, concerts and workshops. Exactly a year ago we first opened our shelves in Berlin-Kreuzberg in an accommodation mainly for families from Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

His stage name – Syriantal – merges ”Syria” – his country of origin and ”Oriental” – his background and music genre, two words that were vital in shaping his Identity, and two words means a lot for him! He loves telling stories in different ways even through Music, it is as if Syriantal is already capable of telling his own Journey from Syria to Berlin in his sets.

Unusual perspectives, exciting stories: Our tour guides accompany you across the city and invite you to see familiar sights with new eyes. On our tours, people who are usually rather talked ABOUT have their say. Our formerly homeless tour guides report about life without a roof over their heads. They present the public spaces and locations where they once lived. New Berliners and new Dresdeners who have fled Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq share their perspectives on their new hometowns.